Which Area Of Law Can We Help You With?

Real Estate Law

Law provides four main ways by which ownership of land may be transferred between owners.

Immigration Law

Noncitizens may be admitted into the United States for a variety of purposes.

Family Law

Family law is one of the most complex and deeply emotional and personal areas of all law.

Elder Law

Elder law consists of a variety of legal matters related to older or disabled persons.

Featured Data Projects

43% of Americans Wrongly Believe There Is An FDA-approved Treatment For Coronavirus

We surveyed 1,001 Americans to learn their perceptions around the coronavirus pandemic via a political lens. In this analysis we explore three questions we asked. Which drugs are FDA approved treatments, the usage of the term “Chinese virus” to describe COVID-19, and how President Donald Trump has handled the coronavirus epidemic. We have found the […]

America’s Perception of “The Florida Man”

Who Is the Florida Man? Jeremy Renner’s 2012 appearance on SNL introduced the fictional character Derek “Fat Deuce” Derek, the mayor of Tampa. The character exemplified how many view Florida: outrageous and almost unbelievable.  Presenting: the lore surrounding the media-obsessed, iconic Florida Man. Per a viral challenge from early 2019 dubbed the “Florida Man Challenge,” […]

Scraping Court Records Data to Find Dirty Cops

Predictive Policing in the Modern Era Want to contribute to a larger project to collect this data from many more counties? https://www.reddit.com/r/DataPolice/wiki/how_to_contribute In the 2002 dystopian sci-fi film “Minority Report,” law enforcement can manage crime by “predicting” illegal behavior before it happens. While fiction, the plot is intriguing and contributes to the conversation on advanced […]